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Sanger, TX

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Our professionals will remove the concrete pad and shed from your property with care and precision.

demolished building using excavator Sanger TX

Find Skilled Demolition Contractors in Sanger, TX

At K&H Hauling, we offer demolition services for residential and commercial properties in Sanger, TX. We will take care of everything from removing the structure to hauling it away so you can start fresh. Our demolition contractors are trained to make your job easier, whether you’re making room for a new building or want to get rid of that old shed so you can plant a garden. We follow strict safety protocols when carrying out your service.

Demolition Services You Can Trust

We can handle any size building demolition project, from small to large. We have extensive experience in the area and know exactly how to remove your concrete pad or shed in the most efficient way possible. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved.

If you’re looking for demolition companies, We have the skills and equipment to tear down buildings and haul them away. You may if you’d like to keep any salvageable materials from your shed demolition. If not, we’ll dispose of them for you.

Let Us Handle Your Demolition Work Safely

When you need to make room for a new building or are ready to plant a garden in your backyard, you can trust our team to tear down concrete pads and sheds quickly and safely. Our experienced team of professionals will remove and dispose of the old concrete, so you don’t have to. Schedule your consultation if you’re in or around Sanger, TX.